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How to Earn Online Money India 2021-Top 10 Online Money Making Ideas For Students

How to Earn Online Money India 2021: Are you a student?- and want to make money online from home in India without investment? Then the post titled-“How to Earn Online Money India 2021” is for you. If you are a student or any person then you can earn money online in India without investment.

Read in this post – Earn money at home in lockdown. This lockdown has taken away the employment of many people. With this, the lockdown has done a lot of damage to the education of children. That is why they find ways to work from home jobs. So that they can earn online money in India. Today we will share the best sites to earn money online in India.

How to Earn Online Money India 2021?

Nowadays making money online is one of the main ways to make money online from home in India without any investment. A student or anyone can start their online money-making journey just they need a good internet connection and a computer or laptop. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money online from home. Here, we share the top 10 Online Money Making ideas for students.


Upwork is a global freelancing platform used and trusted by millions of users. It helps you to connect with potential employers who are hiring freelancers. If you have any skills, you can register on this website. It is one of the best online money-making sites trusted by millions. Even you can use Upwork as a full-time career.


Shutterstock is one of the best stock photography websites. If you have the photography skills then you can utilize your photographic skills in Shutterstock and monetize them. These days everyone searching on Google How to Earn Online Money India. So, you can earn money from Shutterstock, just go to the website and signup and upload your photos for free. For every download of your stock photos, you receive a royalty that helps to increase your profits.

3.Self-Publish Book Writing

If you love writing books, you can earn money by writing books. There are many such websites where you can publish your books. Also, there are many organizations that hire people to write a book and they pay you instead. One such website is Amazon where you can sell your books.

Amazon Kindle is a direct publishing platform where anyone can write an online book. They can be uploaded on this website. When it is sold, it gives you 70 percent royalty. You can visit to get more information about it. To become a regular member here, you can create an account on it.

4.Loco App

This is one of the best apps for students to make money online in India because it increases your general knowledge along with making money. It is necessary for people to have knowledge of general knowledge, sports, country and abroad. In this app, you have to play a quiz and you can earn money by giving the right answers to the questions. In this app, you will ask a few questions every day at 1:50 p.m. which gives money on answering correctly. These questions can be asked related to sports, general knowledge, country, and abroad.

5.Money Earning Apps

The only thing on everyone’s mind is how to earn online money India. Today everyone has their own smartphone and everyone knows how to use it very well. There are many apps available on Google Play Store that helps to earn online money without investment. These apps are made for those people only who want to earn extra money. With the help of these apps, you can earn well. In such apps, you can earn money by winning games, showing advertisements, and sharing special types of links. Some of the apps are-Sheroes, Cointiply, Dream 11, Squadrun, etc.

6.Virtual Call Center Agent

You can work as an agent in a call center sitting in your home. offers such a feature and with this, you can do very good earning. You can work as an agent in a call center by registering here. For this, you have to go to the home page of that website and apply for a job there.

There are certain features to do this job. You must have a computer, mobile, and an internet connection, along with you should know English as well. If you do not know English, you can still do this work because when the call comes, a speech is written on your screen and you have to say that speech. In this, you can earn seven to eight dollars a day.


If you are looking and searching for How to Earn Online Money India, ySense is one of the top-earning websites in India which was known ClixSense earlier. It is a global online community with multiple earning options like paid online surveys, cash offers, and more. Just register yourself on this site and complete the tasks and earn online money.


The demand for virtual assistants in India is increased day by day. Indian entrepreneurs often manage their schedules and keep track of things in their organizations. Zirtual is a platform that serves to connect those who are looking for virtual assistants. The major responsibility of a virtual assistant could be anything like handling social media accounts, invoicing, etc. Thus, it will help to generate some extra income for those who are looking for online earning.


If you are searching every day for How to Earn Online Money India 2021, then Threadup is one of the right platforms for everyone to earn online money. It’s a platform where they can resell clothes that no longer suit you or you no longer want to wear them. Instead of giving away free, resell on Threadup and earn extra money.

10.Card Sell

This is a very popular gift card selling website. You can sell here your unused gift cards which you got last Christmas. This is a very easy process to sell your unused cards, CardSell will make you an offer and if you agree, you can exchange it.


I hope you liked the post “How to Earn Online Money India 2021“. From this post, we learned about some online money-making ideas for students. I hope you can use them very well and create your beautiful future. Thanks for reading the full article, please share it with other people as well.

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